India’s Thomas Cup victory on May 15 marked many historic firsts for the country, and that warrants a celebration as big as any. 

This was the first time team India reached the final of the event in 73 long years, and once there, it defeated 4-time champions Indonesia to clinch the title in what will possibly turn out to be one of our biggest sporting achievements this year – if not the biggest.

Badminton, despite being one of our favorite games, struggled to find an audience for the international matches for the longest time. However, things have been changing for the better in the last 10 years, and that is a very welcome change.

The Thomas Cup victory was a special one, earning the team the much-deserved praise as seen below.

And as 2 days have passed, the euphoria is still not over. The videos and photos from the event are pouring in and we love one of them in particular. 

It’s that of the entire team dancing to the beats of the dhol brought by fans inside the stadium. The video, by Brut, also shows the goosebumps-inducing moment in which India won the final.

We hope that this is the start of many such accomplishments for our shuttlers. Onwards and upwards.