Virat Kohli, needless to mention, is the most followed and adored cricketer across the world. In fact, he’s the richest athlete in the nation.

Reportedly, the former captain became the highest-earning athlete in the nation through commercial deals and made ₹256.52 crores, in 2022.

StockGro, a trading and investing company, revealed that he’s the ‘world’s highest-earning athlete’ with ₹1050 crores net worth, in their most recent data.

Here are some of the sources of his income.

1. If the reports are to be believed, the cricketer earns ₹15 lakhs from each Test appearance, ₹6 lakhs each from ODI and ₹3 lakhs from each T20 match. Additionally, he also earns ₹15 crores from Royal Challengers Bangalore, each year.

2. Interestingly, he also owns several brands, restaurants and start-ups.

3. He is also associated with more than eighteen brands and charges a whopping ₹7.50 to 10 crore yearly for shooting per advertisement – which totals up to ₹175 crores from the endorsements.

4. Virat Kohli charges ₹8.9 crores per post on social media.

5. And, he has a house worth ₹34 crores and ₹80 crores in Mumbai and Gurgaon, respectively.

Now, we bet you didn’t know about this, did you?

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