Since the time we could fly for the first time, the common people have always dreamt of riding away with flying cars. Well, we are closer to achieving that dream than you think. You can finally just fly over the other peasants stuck in traffic. 


Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had said yesterday about being introduced to the concept model of Asia’s First Hybrid flying car by a Chennai-based startup called Vinata Aeromobility. 

According to reports, Vinata Aeromobility will be launching the hybrid flying car on the 5th of October at the world’s largest Helitech Exhibition – Excel, London.


The hybrid flying car weighs 1100kg and can handle a maximum takeoff weight of 1300kg. These cars are designed for two travellers and can fly at100-120 km/hour. They can fly at max 3000 and can be in air for about 60 minutes.