In our existentialist moments, all of us have contemplated the meaning of life, our purpose in it, what’s it like to die, and if there’s any afterlife. Life’s fundamental truth is death, yet the mere thought about our own sends shivers down our spine. The idea that all we’ve built, we’ve done will be reduced to nothingness one day. The world will go on without you. While our legacy might carry on, we’d not be able to witness it.

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I’m not trying to scare you away, but these are the questions that’ve haunted all of us at least once in this tragedy called life. This idea of our own death. Nobody can ever REALLY know what death feels like; nobody lives to tell that story. There’s a reason why so many of us end up reading about people who’ve had near-death experiences. Their stories are the only pieces we have about life’s greatest mystery – DEATH.

But wait, there’s a VR simulation in Australia which lets you experience death. Yes, you read it correctly.

Australia VR simulation lets peoplee experience death
Source: @‌croom12 / TikTok | Report by LadBible

According to a LadBible report, a VR simulation in Melbourne, Australia, has people experiencing what it’s like to die. It’s part of the Passing Electrical Storms exhibit from Shaun Gladwell at the National Gallery of Victoria in the city. 

Gladwell’s ‘extended reality’ (XR) experience is dubbed ‘at once meditative and unsettling’, claims the report. Apparently, TikToker ‘croom12‘ shared a video describing his experience.

TikToker @croom12 on VR experience of death in Australia
Credit: @‌croom12 / TikTok | Report by LadBible
TikToker @croom12 on VR experience of death in Australia
Credit: @‌croom12 / TikTok | Report by LadBible

This is essentially a ‘virtual’ death. Apart from the usual rollercoaster and haunted VR experiences, there are some really bizarre ones out there. Like, This VR Headset That Will ‘Kill’ You If You Die In The Game.

How crazy is that! But would you ever like to try something like this?

You can read the article by LadBible here.