In association with Heineken

To whom it may concern, there is no ‘aish hi aish’ waiting for you on the other side of boards/entrance exam/another entrance exam/marriage/kids. So you can stop waiting, get up, get dressed, and go burn up the dance floor tonight! We did it, and genuinely ended up having one of the best nights of our lives. 

We’re talking about the insanely happening launch party held for the new and unexpectedly smooth Heineken® Silver in Mumbai on 5th November, 2022. If you remember, last time we told you about just how amazing the #SmoothestMegaParty in Bengaluru was. From the breathtaking 270 ft projection mapping display of a grooving spaceman on the majestic UB Tower, to the trippy VR Zone teleporting the audience to a futuristic Silververse, this party was a dream come true for every tech-buff. That is until the Silververse landed in Mumbai. 

And well, the Mumbai event took the entire experience to a whole new level. This time, Heineken wowed the crowd with its magnificent tri-dome structured set design for the event. It had two 20 meters long dome and a launch pad which was 40 meters high. And each of these domes had a different experience to offer from the future of technology and innovations that felt straight out of sci-fi dreams. Plus, there was cool music (at all times!) so we practically never stopped dancing while hopping from one dome to another, through futuristic tunnels embedded with LED Screens.

The first dome was tasked with blurring the line between the virtual and the real with mind-bending and interactive VR games featuring staggering graphics and striking visuals. Undoubtedly, a paradise for every gaming enthusiast that attended the event. 

After pumping our adrenaline with immersive games, we were completely thrilled to find out that renowned musicians Calm Chor, Monica Dogra, and Murthovic were attending the event. So we quickly made our way to the second dome and danced for as long as we could to their magical performances amid the flashing lights. A well deserved retreat after slogging at work on all those Friday nights!

And finally in the third dome, which was also the launch pad, we witnessed the unveiling of Heineken® Silver with awe-inspiring ultra high-tech projections across the dome ceiling and walls spanning almost 6000 square feet, depicting how the smoothest beer was brought to Mumbai from the outer space. 

And of course, to amplify this out-of-the-world experience, electronic music greats, Dash Berlin and Belgian DJ and production duo, Wolfpack spun the vinyl as the crowd danced the night away. Wolfpack totally stole the show as they performed in their savage wolf masks before distributing their signature flags in the audience. You had to be there to drown in the magical vibe one could only dream of experiencing once in their lifetime!

It didn’t end there. We even headed over to the Star Zone that was set up for the genzers and the millennials to taste the smoothest experiences by sipping Heineken® Silver while grooving to the beats of Bombay Basement and Komorebi. But a sight that will forever remain imprinted on our memories is whenever we looked up, we were greeted by the flying drones zooming across the sky, and it was spectacular! 

All in all, it was an experience which was way beyond our imagination and expectation– something characteristic of the experience that is Heineken® Silver. And we seriously cannot wait to find out where the Silververse is headed next. A little birdie hinted that it might be on its way to Goa next. Well, we aren’t taking any chances here and straight up following the #Silververse on Instagram @heineken_in to stay updated!