In association with Maruti Suzuki Subscribe

A typical Indian bloke is known for three things in life: eating to their heart’s content, finding a jugaad for everything, and buying their ultimate dream car! Now the last one is somewhat of a milestone in everyone’s life. And as Indians, when we make sure our lives are magnificent, then it’s but obvious that the cars we choose live up to the mark as well.

However, not everyone’s ready to jump the gun immediately when it comes to buying a car. We realized this when we came across Surijit and Rakesh’s stories where they got their hands on their dream cars without buying them! They managed to pull this off thanks to Maruti Suzuki Subscribe where one can use any Maruti Suzuki car without actually buying it right away!

The Maruti Suzuki subscription service is a unique and innovative way to get your hands on the car you’ve always wanted. Through this service, you can select any model from their subscription portfolio for flexible tenures on an all-inclusive fixed monthly charge. The charge levied includes the cost of the car, maintenance, insurance, and other common services. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Rakesh’s video down below about how the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe platform changed his life for the better. While he hustles throughout the week, on the weekends this single father has time to travel, and go on adventures with his adorable daughter in their Maruti Suzuki without the pressure of EMIs and maintenance. 

It doesn’t end there, we have Surijit Das who talks about his need to stay updated in all aspects of his life, and how the platform helped him do that with their flexible and easy short tenure options. Now he has the freedom to enjoy a car and upgrade it the very next year! Check out the video below to see how he’s driving around the country and spending time with his family in his Maruti Suzuki. 

The Maruti Suzuki Subscribe platform is a sure-shot way of getting the car you want with minimum commitment! The benefits include flexible tenure options, no down payment, no resale risk, inclusive maintenance, flexibility to choose subscription providers, and affordability! Most importantly, the subscription process is super easy. All we need to do is choose the car and tenure, deposit the payment and the car will be delivered to you. 

No doubt, the Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is a unique way to fulfil your car fantasies! To find your next car check out their website here