The time during high school is a different experience for everyone, some miss it, some dread it. And so, reunions can an overwhelming idea, because some do not enjoy going back. For others, it’s a way to catch up with old friends and relive good memories.

High School
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In any case, there’s a lot that changes and surprises us. And Redditors shared things that surprised them the most at their high school reunions.

1. “My 10 year reunion was held at a bar. It was all the same people at the bar as it was every weekend, but this time they were wearing nicer clothes.”


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2. “The massive stoner from the year below me, who used to get suspended on a monthly basis was the head of the English department.”


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3. “My surprise was not being invited, but seeing pictures from the event on a friend’s Facebook. Nothing like being reminded of how easily you are forgotten.”


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4. “Good question there. We’re having ours this year so it will be interesting. However, I have talked to some of them on Facebook and I can say that I never thought some of them would be parents.”


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5. “Real estate agents, so many real estate agents.”


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6. “Being in a room of people who you grew up with, were close to, did all kinds of things with are now all strangers. It was like meeting them all again for the first time.”


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7. “I got a lot of apologies from bullies.”


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8. “Had mine last year. Hadn’t seen any of them in 10 years. I think what surprised me the most was the level of maturity we all had. It was a drama free, fun filled weekend and everyone was surprisingly decent?”


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9. “It’s been many years – but one thing I remember was how together, stronger and happier women appeared than men.”


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10. “How little we actually talked about our careers. No one cared. We mostly talked about the old days.”


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I might just consider going to my high school reunion, now.