If not our own, we all love Indian weddings. The drama and fun they hold is why many of us choose to attend them. From sangeet -mehndi to the wedding day, the bride and groom indeed have a lot to look forward to. 

Among the many wedding videos we come across on the internet, this one will fill your heart and soul with lots of joy! The video shows the bride & groom singing for each other. But here’s a twist: they have beautifully rhymed the song with the things they want each other to do.

The bride is asking the partner to trim his beard before meeting her parents and his response will leave you gushing. 

The bride then teases the groom about how he is scared of her father. He says he will flatter, pamper and convince him even if he beats him, all because he loves her. Aww!

Watch the video here:

Just like us, Twittizens are impressed with the warmth of this video. People are lauding the couple for their singing skills too. 

Honestly, this is the best you and who video I have come across. 

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