The illusion of success that is passed to us as a child is not real. That beta “10th Karle, beta 12th Karle, beta IIT Karle, mentality doesn’t work for all of us. 

Not everyone wants to take part in this rat race. Not everyone wants to do a 9 to 5 job. This Reddit video gives us a glimpse of how some parents force their dreams on their children. 

The clip shows how that kid has not watched television since 4th std. And for the past two years, he was never bored of studies. 

He further says how he has no hobbies & never goes out to play. We see other students cheering him for this, and they further ask him more questions.

The clip is from a documentary called “An Engineered Dream” it shows how the kid has no idea about computer science & is pursuing a career in it because his father wants him to. 

He is choosing it because everyone & his parents think it is a good field. 

The success mantra our society thinks is right has bothered many. We hope our parents soon understand this. 

Many on Reddit can relate to this. They talk about how even their childhood was ruined in the race to get a good job.

All the screenshots are taken from the Reddit clip.

You can watch the full documentary here. 

I hope we get done with this shitty tradition soon.