When the most hated virus (you-know-who) entered as an uninvited guest in our lives, do gaz ki doori became a way of living. NGL, this doori did get intensified and took a toll on our personal relationships, primarily friendships.

Although saath rehne ke liye, paas rehne ki zarurat nahi, chugging beer with your friends on a zoom call cannot match the intimacy of an early morning hangover after a late night house party with your friends. 

Nonetheless, Reddit has got some answers because genuine friendships are not about being inseparable but rather about being separate yet close.

1. “Share a meme that made you think of them, a funny story from your day, checking in when they told you they had something big coming up.”

– Anonymous 

2. “We choose one book to read ‘together’ so we can talk about it. Once you get used to it, you will see it’s not that hard if both parts are making an effort.”

3. “I think unexpected gifts, calls, letters, etc. demonstrate that you still love each other and make the distance more tolerable. It doesn’t have to be expensive either! It can be as simple as a letter you write or even long night time calls.”

4. “We ask for advice on work things, share job postings, review each other’s resumes. We chat about the news, what’s going on in our lives, what we’re doing for holidays. We’ll send Christmas cards and texts for birthdays etc. I haven’t seen them in 2.5 years yet I can tell you what’s going on in their daily lives.”

5. “We post a lot on social media to keep each other’s updated and comment on each others stories and pictures. It’s an easy way to keep contact and open up discussions- Omg you cooked that! Looks amazing. Share the recipe!

6. “We do a lot of voice notes! An easy way to sort of update about what’s going on, but response time can be a bit more forgiving. Interacting on social media also, love it or hate it, is a great way to see what’s up or even comment to just keep in touch.”

– F_For_You 

7. “Plan visits. This is important. Have something to look forward to. Constant contact and keeping each other in the loop helps keep that ‘friend fire’ kindled.”

8. “Snapchat is amazing! You just send snippets of your daily life, and have the option to chat about your day. If you want to rant or send videos or even live stream it also works awesome! I quite like it and it feels intimate.”

9. “To be honest, I think it’s kind of forced to like to plan skype dates, phone calls or to text/email them ‘hey, how have you been.’ Everything should come naturally with true friendships. I would just send them fun snapchats, tag them in funny videos or pics on Facebook and Instagram and comment on their social media stuff.’

– Anonymous 

10.”Do fun things together, like play online games together or watch a movie! It is totally doable.”

– Anonymous 

11. “Don’t believe rumours, and don’t make any assumptions before speaking with them.”

– Anonymous 

When compared with long distance relationships, friendships can be low-maintenance but not no-maintenance.