We’ve all had relatives calling us on ‘important’ days, also known as result days. They wouldn’t remember our birthday, or any detail about us, for that matter. But, they cannot get a good night’s sleep, before making the first call on the day of the result. It’s like they have a radar for these things. And, all we honestly want to do is, hide from these ‘well-wishers’.

A Kerala teen, Jishnu aka Kunjakku, did the opposite, he made the announcement of passing class X exams, through a flex board. And he installed it for the entire area to witness, at the Kodumon-Angadical road. With a picture of him in sunglasses, the content on the board read –  “History makes way for some people,” the flex board reads. It adds, “ I congratulate myself for acing the 2022 SSLC examination. The story starts now. Kunjakku version 3.0”

And it honestly seemed like such a mood, also quite badass.

India Times

Jishnu’s parents are daily wage workers and he hasn’t had the proper resources to study. They didn’t even have electricity at home until a week before the exams, and both him and his sister had to study under a lamp. He was constantly mocked by his friends and relatives that he would never pass the exams. And he made sure to let them know that he did – a proper answer back.

It was also noticed by Minister for General Education and Labour, Kerala, V Sivankutty, and he shared the picture of the flex board. 

These are the kind of inspiring stories that we need. 

And let’s just say, never in the history of flex boards has a flex board been used for a better purpose.