In today’s world, anyone can become a meme, anytime. But this wasn’t the case some 8 years ago.

Only a few were considered meme materials. While Instagram was launched in 2016, we had Facebook back in 2014 and it was our source of funny content.

If you’ve used Facebook back then, you’d remember this kid.

Can’t recall? Maybe these memes would help.

He is Sarthak Agarwal. He topped the CBSE exam in 2014 with 99.6% marks and featured in several viral memes.

Kuch yaad aaya? Well it seems that was just the beginning of his success journey.

A resident of Delhi, he completed BA (H) in Economics from Shriram College of Commerce and then went on to pursue an MPhil degree at Oxford University.

UPSC Pathshala

He was working in the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London as an economist and came back to Delhi to work on a government initiative.This is when he appeared for Civil Services Examination 2020.  

He secured 17th rank in UPSC exams and all those memories of his memes are back.

In an exclusive conversation with Brut India, Sarthak talked about the secrets of his success

I think one thing that might have been important is that I think very carefully about whatever I am doing, before jumping into it, trying to understand what is my motivation, what are my strengths, what are my weaknesses. But I mean, there’s also a fair component of luck and a lot of other things involved that I do not want to understate having done well in these exams.

Can we please have another round of memes celebrating his recent success?