In news of utter national importance, there are Taimur dolls in the market. And yes, it’s totally a thing. We had clearly registered the fact that the economy was a less important issue than the kid, after his name was the national debate or when spotting him made headlines – because privacy is overrated.

Taimur Ali Khan

So, these dolls exist. And really, who knew there are actual Taimur stans out there. Because back when I was in school, we only cared about Hannah Montana folders and Spider-Man pencil boxes. But now, we live in a world where star kids have a fandom and proper merch based out of that.

My question however is, that if there’s a market for it, there are definitely consumers (buyers) – but who’s buying these? No offense to people who are, but is does sound creepy to buy dolls of some kid, I mean, it’d definitely sound much creepier if Taimur weren’t related to Bollywood actors.

Redditors are having a hard time processing this information. Some people are even scared, because well, dolls are usually scary.

Of course, Kareena Kapoor Khan has an opinion, and no she doesn’t (understandably) approve of the dolls.

The world keeps getting weirder by the day.