Adulting is confusing, and 20s are a lot about exploring oneself or understanding our needs. All of this comes with a lot of emotions to deal with. Of course, we are always caught up with internal and external conflicts that lead to so many questions. 

But, in the end, it’s always about putting ourselves first – which includes our emotions and choices. And, this Twitter thread tells us exactly what we shouldn’t be saying to ourselves, during our 20s.

When things don’t seem perfect and we think we’re failing. 

To be ‘settled’ means different things to different people. And, it’s okay if we haven’t reached the ‘goal’ yet. 

Of course, money matters. But, maybe we should focus more on learning first.

He also talked about the constant pressure of feeling stuck. And, it’s real.

And as much as we hate waiting, we’re constantly reminded that things take time.

Oh, and how time creeps on us.

Talking about ‘things’ that matter – rightly so.

Honestly, every day seems like a deadline. 

His opinion on ‘finding passion’ is a literal and constant fear. And this might help –

Deep down, most of us like to be liked. And, that’s normal.

While procrastinating like a pro. 

It’s never going to seem like we have it together. And, maybe that’s how things don’t get boring.

It’s probably about keeping a balance between care and control.

The Twitter user summed it up by talking about the feeling that we’re alone. And the fact that we consider a set of beliefs as the constant, which they shouldn’t always be. This thread is a reminder for all of us in our 20s to be less uptight than we might be – at least when it’s starting to cause more harm than good.

Because it ain’t easy!