We keep thinking that we’ll get better at dealing with life as we grow up. But adulting comes with it’s own challenges and every day brings a lot of new emotions to deal with. It isn’t the easiest time but it’s still about experiencing new things and making mistakes, only to learn from them. 

This Instagram page that goes by the username, dinosandcomics is as relatable as it can get.

With adorable graphics and cutesy characters, the comic strips are about every 20-something, who’s exploring life – one day at a time. Oh, and they are wholesome.

Guess who didn’t sleep for two days straight? 

Ew, who likes going out?

Where can I go scream?

Pandemic – making all of us grow up… and break down!

Too many emotions, not enough words for them all… but friendly Dinos can help here.

Dino says – talk it out.

We’re all just lonely. 

And we all love it when we can relate to something, don’t we?