Hey, so we just found exclusive photos of Taimur doing potty. Now that I have your attention, a kid is grabbing headlines for bringing the reality of our education system on camera. Umm, but isn’t this what reporters who are working in this field are supposed to cover? Anyway…

A 12-year-old student from Godda, Jharkhand recently exposed the condition of a government school that he apparently studies in. And the video of his reporting is going viral on Twitter. “Godda ke Sarfaraz ki reporting dekhiye,” reads the caption of the viral clip.

A still from viral video/Twitter

In the clip posted by @swati_mishr, Sarfaraz, the kid, is sporting a tee and lungi as he holds his mic made of plastic bottle with a stick inside it. He begins his report by asking other students about why they don’t come to school. To which, a student says, “Teachers padhate nahin hai.” Sarfaraz also raises several questions on sanitation, classrooms, and drinking water. He can be seen showing how some classrooms are filled with cattle fodder and a handpump which has been dug but hasn’t reached to its installation stage. There are weeds all around. Non-functional toilets and more. But where are the teachers? You ask.

Another student talks about the school saying, “Yahan par padhai nahin hota hai…” Well, I will suggest you watch the full video from here:

Netizens are hailing his reporting skills:

It’s really appreciable that a boy who is from a gov. skul telling every1 what are the basic needs his skul is lacking, I really appreciate the way he is reporting abt this, he’s not looking less than a reporter, if the better education is provided to these kids the future is bright (sic).


This is better, more worthwhile reporting than 100% of the news channels in India right now. 


But, Sarfaraz had to pay the price.

After the video went viral, teachers of the school reportedly reached Sarfaraz’s house and threatened his mother with an FIR. According to Quint, Praveen Choudhary, Block Development Officer, Mahagama Block, Godda district, found a lot of irregularities in the school after he reached there. As per Mr. Praveen’s statement, the investigation report has been sent to the collector while demanding action against the teachers.

When we reached, we saw that an attempt was made to cover up the problems shown in the video. A detailed investigation has been done and a report has been sent to the collector. We have also written for action to be taken against the teachers.

-Praveen Choudhary

Well done, Sarfaraz for showing the ground reality through your eyes. India surely needs such patrakaars! One definitely doesn’t need a journalism degree for this. But my question is why such people have to pay the cost for real journalism? And shouldn’t Indian media focus on such issues?