It was on February 6, when Turkey witnessed a powerful earthquake that made several buildings collapse in southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing thousands of people. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by another massive after shock. Certainly this was devastating in more ways than one, for people who live there.

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And while we’re constantly coming across pictures and news from the affected area, such times act as a helpless reminder that there’s very little that we can control. A recent video shared by BBC news, showed how volunteers in Turkey are placing red balloons in memory of those who passed away. They’re seen tying the balloons on the rubble of destroyed buildings to remember child victims.

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The ‘Balloons Project Leader’, referred to it (the tribute) as their ‘last present to children’. According to him, it’s also their last duty. There are a number of charities and people working for humanitarian relief. In such times, all anyone can do is help victims, and try and remember everyone who’s suffered, in whatever ways we can. This video is as heart-breaking as it can be, and there’s only hope that things get better soon.

Source: Instagram

You can watch the video here:

We wish for a better future for the place and its people.