If you have grown up with a sibling, you know the kind of fun you guys would have together. From fighting over silly things to building an inseparable bond, we all grew up. With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the warmth of this bond. 

So, if you and your sibling are away from each other, read on, we have compiled a list of things you can do for each other to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. 

1. First things first, send a Rakhi. 

Now, if you have a brother who is far away, you need to prepare early. Even if you can’t tie a Rakhi, sending one is the first step to take. So buy or make your own Rakhi and courier it in advance. 

2. Stay connected throughout the day & dress up.

Thanks to the internet, you can always stay connected to them and celebrate together. Make a video to remind them of how much you are missing them. Add a little personal touch to the call, and don’t forget to dress up. 

3. Watch party on Prime/Netflix.

Now just like in the old days, fight over what you will watch at this party or just let your mother decide. Go for a Bolly movie like Dil Dhadakne Do. 

4. Book a spa or salon treatment. 

If you ask me, an Urban clap massage is enough to pamper my soul. Also what better way to celebrate a holiday, right?

5. Judge me but make an Instagram reel together. 

Hear me out. Even if you don’t share it on Instagram, you will end up creating some great memories together. Or you could just blackmail them to upload it. Lol.  

6. If you are home make sure you do this. 

Keep your sibling involved, and send pictures of everything happening at home (basic prep). Take their suggestions too. Something as simple as decorating the Rakhi thali as per their taste and aesthetics would make them feel special.

7. Coming back to early preps, send a handwritten letter.

In a world of WhatsApp texts, send them a handwritten letter. Trust me, this is going to make them feel the happiest. 

8. At home or not, don’t forget to buy them a gift. 

Again, prep early for this and don’t just end up sending them money. But add sending flowers to your gift list!

Now how I wish my brother would give me a surprise visit but even if not I am all prepared!

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