It happens on Twitter. It happens at work and at family dinners. In weddings and in classrooms. Even famous men do it. What is it? Mansplaining. 

Almost all women and people who do not identify as men have been the target of mansplaining, which is when a man condescendingly explains something to you in a way that implies you have no idea what he’s talking about.

It’s infuriating and repugnant, but most of the time it’s stupid. Women on Reddit discuss the dumbest things that were mansplained to them and we’re shaking our heads. 

1. “Got told by a man that the female orgasm is a myth. Told him that he’d basically just admitted to being shit in bed.”

2. “I had man tell me that women can just push down on their stomachs to ‘push the period blood out’ to end their periods quicker.”

3. “That birth control is the girl’s responsibility cause she is the one who gets pregnant.”

4. “See that big blue E there on the desktop? Do me a favour, give it a double click for me”.

I told him – you can just ask to open the browser.”

5. “One guy explained to me how to pronounce my own name correctly, which I didn’t know how to pronounce correctly.”

6. “My partner once told me that you can move around quickly and quietly if you walk on your toes. Like I had never heard of tip toeing before lol.”

7. “My very straight dad tried to mansplain Bisexuality to me, a bisexual woman. I asked him if he was bisexual. To which he angrily and defensively said no. So I told him then stop trying to explain my own sexuality to me.”

8. “My ex husband told me women who are lazy get c-sections. The irony is he was a c-section baby.”

9. “My ex boyfriend told me that having sex with a condom reduces pleasure and isn’t an act of love. Doing it raw shows how much you love each other, and that I should consider the pill.”

10. “My ex used to try to mansplain to me – what women really want in a relationship.”

11. “Told a man I was a lesbian, gave me a 5 minute long lecture about how lesbians don’t exist. He said it’s just normal for everyone to be attracted to women because they’re attractive. He said it’s different for gay men though because you have to actually be gay to like men since they’re not attractive. He also explained that he told this theory to a gay friend (male) who told him it was extremely homophobic but he didn’t care because gay men don’t know anything about women.”

12. “Dated a 36 year old man, who told me that if a woman was wet down there, it meant she had an orgasm.”

13. “A guy explaining how periods really can’t be more painful than being kicked in the balls.”

14. “Someone who has never received backdoor sex telling me it doesn’t hurt.”

15. “My ex tried to mansplain bras to me. I told him that I buy my bras with the push-up padding in the same size as regular non-push-up bras. He said I was wrong and that if you wanted to have the bombshell push-up look then just buy DDD Size bras.”

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The list possibly won’t end. Share your story in the comments below.