The Northeastern states of India are indeed a paradise on earth. With tall green mountains and snowy clouds, the weather of this rugged beauty is the only escape from reality. 

Your gateway to heaven comes with many different traditions & cultures. So, if you are looking to explore the region, here are some best cafes & restaurants to try for some delicious food & of course the best view. 

1. Bibliotheque Book Cafe, Gangtok – Sikkim

The cafe that not only serves you food but books too! This cafe has the best view and comforts you with some drooling food. From the gaze out at the mountain view, cheesecake, and Thai rolls you are all set.  

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

2.  Loafing Around, Gangtok – Sikkim

Are you a fan of cheesecakes? Well, this place serves the best blueberry cheesecake and chocolate truffle with vanilla gelato. With a vintage theme, you will just fall in love with the place. 

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

3. ML 05 Cafe, Shillong – Meghalaya

A concept that celebrates road trips and food. This is a place for all Royal Enfield lovers as you see one hanging at the cafe. As you see the theme of the cafe revolves around endless roads, beautiful journeys & comfort food!

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

4. Paradise, Guwahati –  Assam

If you want to try the local culinary flavours this is the place for you. You get the local authentic Khasi food. From veg  to non-veg you can try the Assamese thali here. 

Price: Approximately ₹600 for one person

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Trip advisor

5. Chopstyx, Aizawl – Mizoram

The place serves a mix of Tibetan, Korean, Chinese, and American dishes. Chopstyx is known to serve incredible Tibetan food. It gives you a view of the pretty little town of Aizwal. 

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

6. Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati- Assam

The cafe is named after the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. With some good music and drinks, if you are a rock music lover you will love this love. 

Price: Approximately ₹1200 for two people

7. Coco Cafe, Aizawl – Mizoram

You know the place is good when the locals eat there. Coco cafe has some best local cuisines. The cafe also has live music performances to make your evenings better.  

Price: Approximately ₹600 for two people

8. The Local Cafe, Gangtok – Sikkim

The Local cafe is one of the popular places you should visit. It is considered the best cafe in Gangtok. They have a lot of vegan cuisines and a variety of mouthwatering cakes. 

Price: Approximately ₹600 for one person

9. Dylan’s Cafe, Shillong – Meghalaya

This cafe is located in Shillong, a quaint cafe paying tribute to Bob Dylan. It is located at a convenient location with some comfort including vegan and gluten-free cuisines. 

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

10. Spring Valley, Tezpur – Assam

This place serves simple hot, tasty snacks and mini-meals. They also have a bakery section that has muffins, sweets, bread, and pastries. The restaurant serves veg thali for ₹90.

Price: Approximately ₹800 for two people

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11.  Tio Cafe, Kohima- Nagaland

Tio cafe is known to give you a vibe like home. The space is so intimate and warm make sure you spend plenty of time here. 

Price: Approximately 2000 for one person

12. Jungle Cafe, Gangtok – Sikkim

The Jungle cafe is known for Sikkimese delicacies. The theme of the cafe gives you jungle vibes, they have good space for kids to play. Jungle Cafe is known for its freshly baked pastries, cakes, and desserts. 

Price: Approximately ₹4000 

13. Tipsy Town Cafe, Guwahati – Assam

This is a pocket-friendly cafe with some quirky setup. The place has some good Chinese food you can try.  

 Price: Approximately ₹900 for two people.

14.  Cafe RiverRun, Guwahati – Assam

The cafe has an overlooking view of the river Brahmaputra. It is the best hangout spot, with a pocket-friendly menu. You can also enjoy the picturesque sunset over the river.

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

15. Tawang Food Court, Tawang Valley-  Arunachal Pradesh

You can interact with a lot of local people here. They have wine (from ₹80 a glass) including other drinks. They also serve a lot of traditional cuisines, like Tibetan dumplings, Monpa thali, Bhutanese dazhi, and more.  

Price: Approximately ₹500 for one person

May you have the best trip of your life.