Catching flights may be a very romanticized idea online, but in real life, it is tiring! Especially if you have some hefty waiting time on your hands at the airport. 

But it seems Chennai airport has found a solution to this problem. Chennai airport’s Domestic Arrival Lounge now has bed-sized capsules called ‘Sleepzo’ where one can rest for a short while. 


Each sleeping pod is has reading lights, charging stations, USB chargers and space to store luggage. And one pod can accommodate one adult and a child under 12 years of age.  


Also, the facility can be booked on an hourly basis and has ambient lights and blower control for the air-conditioning. With Sleepzo’s sleeping pods travelers will no longer have to check into a hotel. 

And that’s a relief because, TBH, checking into a hotel just for the sake of a couple hours of rest seems a bit impractical, don’t you think?
Apart from Chennai, Delhi airport also has a similar facility, though not as compact. It’s known as Delhi Airport Snooze, where one can check into a cubicle sort of a room. But we’d definitely like Sleepzo to be available at different airports throughout the country! Also, they seem so futuristic! It’s like you’re in a sci-fi film that’s showing us what the 3000s will look like. 

Here are some responses netizens have shared about this cool AF facility.

More of these, please!