Living in the city dreams comes in handy to those who love adventurous life. The fast-paced life of Mumbai teaches you a lot of things, including valuing freedom, living your dreams, and making adjustments.

In between this journey, you grasp a lot of things, and this thread is a reminder of that.

1.”Of course the multilingualism of most Mumbaikars, you’ll never find someone who just speaks one language in a convo, especially in younger people, some older people still do tho.”


2. “My friend from Indore didn’t understand why bags were put in front for some time because we traveled in non-rush hours in the afternoon. But one day he had to travel during rush hour and got stuck while coming out. It was an enlightening moment of knowing why bags are in front. Fortunately, it was the crowd that made him understand, not thieves.”


3. “During the weekend, traveling by train becomes uncomfortable because I don’t have my daily backpack on my lap while seated.”


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4. “We don’t always have to specify a full address if asking someone to meet. Ghatkopar pe mil implies Ghatkopar station pe aake call kar!”


5. “When you ask someone, How far is this location? People will usually say, 5 min/10 min par hai, and no one talks here in kilometres. Like 2 km door hai.” 


6. “This is something that even I didn’t know, my girlfriend told me that this happens in ladies coach. Basically ladies “book” seats on the train. If anyone is sitting, they ask where are you getting off. I was on call once with her and she spoke at least 3 times “Dadar” “Dadar” “Dadar” This never happens in general, we usually just sit as soon as someone gets up.”


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7. “Late night food options – Idli vada, cigarettes, tea, coffee, and boost from cycle wala. bhurji/omelet/pulav ka stall. The constant movement of vehicles 24*7 (the city never sleeps). If in the town area – disco/pub/bar ke baad Bade Miyan mein late dinner. Randomly visiting the queen’s necklace. Try to peep in Wankhede every time you pass through it or look at it from the train.”


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8. “Chalo Bhayandar could mean to get inside or get ready for Bhayandar station.” 


9. “I was on a train. It was about to reach Thane station. Someone behind me said to me, “Arey bhai utar na fatafat, train rukne k baad utrega kya.”


10. “Still figuring out why people are here in such a hurry. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone.”



11. “Lagega Kya? After ordering dosa at a roadside vendor, ‘Madam, apko stool lagega’? I was like ‘Kya bol raha hai bhai’? Similarly, ‘sir, apko extra pav lagega’? So understand lagega kya=chahiye kya.” 



12. “Whistling sound to catch attention. It’s weird.”


13. “I realised that vada pav is the greatest food on this planet. I’m obsessed with it.”


14. “When friends from a different city say, SRK ke ghar gaye ho kya Mumbai mei?”


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