When someone peeks in your phone while you are texting, how do you feel about that? And what if he/she broadcasts your private message to everyone present in the space? 


Well, this recently happened with a man who was travelling via plane and the reports of which are grabbing headlines all over the internet.

A Twitter user, @vanshika_garg17, shared a report of a news application about the same incident on the platform. The report suggests that an IndiGo Mangalore-Mumbai flight got delayed by 6 hours over a passenger’s ‘suspicious text message’ that reads, “You are a bomber.”

This happened after a woman passenger alerted the cabin crew about the message that she saw on the fellow traveller’s phone. However, it turned out that the man in question was flirting with his girlfriend.

The tweet reads, “When you are silently flirting with your boyfriend, but the side wali aunty has eyes all over.” Check it out here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this news:

“Aunty poking her nose where she shouldn’t leads to flight delay”. This should be the headline. 


So “Aunty Pulis Bula legi” is now true. Honey Singh’s Bhavishayavani.


I am once again asking you all that if you see someone looking at your phone while you’re texting/browsing, open the notes app and type “ek kaam kar, andar ghus jaa” you may add a gaali at the end of it for some masala. 


An airport official spoke to ANI about the incident while sharing what really happened during the flight.

A female passenger saw a message on the mobile phone of a person on board the plane and informed the airline’s crew. The crew reported this to the air traffic controller (ATC) and the aircraft had to be grounded as it was ready to take off.

-Airport official

Airport sources told the news agency that the aircraft was allowed to fly to Mumbai after the luggage of passengers were thoroughly checked. Read the statement here:

Aviation security was immediately called and the airport police began an investigation with the suspected passenger…and they were asked to disembark and their luggage was thoroughly searched. Only then was the IndiGo aircraft allowed to fly to Mumbai on Sunday evening.

They added…

This person was not allowed to board the plane due to interrogation.

According to the report, it was later declared as a false alarm.

Ahmm…Ahmm! So next time when you are travelling, make sure you scan your surroundings properly before flirting with your partner via phone…nahin toh auntie police bula legi.