Needless to mention, the holy month of Ramadan is the most important time for all the Muslims in the world as they keep a fast or roza. Similar to Islam, Jainism is also driven by utmost discipline and fasting rituals during their annual holy event, Paryushana.

And recently, two people from these very different cultures shared a heart-warming moment on a flight.

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Dr Waseem Siddiqui, a Bengaluru-based diabetes specialist, took to his social media account and shared how a woman, from a completely different culture, helped him in breaking his fast.

In the post, he mentioned that he was travelling from Guwahati to Mumbai (Indigo 6E 6435 flight). Since he was fasting, he kept a bottle of water with him in order to break his fast on the flight.

To his surprise, his fellow passenger, a Jain woman, offered him dates.

She immediately took out her bag and offered me a couple of dates. Further, the IndiGo team offered me dates and snacks to break my fast.

He then highlighted the fact that a small effort can bring big smiles and positivity.

This is what diversity looks like in #MeraWalaIndia. Let’s take that small step and try bringing smiles to as many people as we could. 

Lastly, they had a little chat about Ramadan and Paryushana.

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This is what peace and love look like!

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