Thanks to the conductor and bus driver, a bus operated by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has become quite popular with Alappuzha residents. Online admiration is growing for a couple from Kerala, Giri and Thara, running this bus business. We must add that they make it different from other buses.


Locals in the Alappuzha district find this bus to be unusual because it includes LED lighting, a music system, CCTV cameras, appealing things, and has been tastefully decorated on the inside.

Social media is buzzing with a clip that showcases the lovely bus and the couple’s tale. The short video, which was uploaded to Facebook by Iype Vallikadan, shows the entire bus, which is completely unique from other local buses in Kerala.

According to reports, the vehicle is equipped with six CCTV cameras for passenger safety, emergency switches, a music system for a comfortable ride, an automatic air freshener, toys and decorations to keep the kids entertained, and an LED destination board.

They met while working in a private firm 22 years ago, Gopinath is heard stating in the now-viral footage. They ultimately married in 2020 under the coronavirus-induced lockdown after having to postpone their wedding owing to objections from both families.


According to Firstpost, Gopinath and Thara studied for their state Public Service Commission (PSC) test while they were waiting to get married and persuading relatives. Thara passed her test in 2010, while Gopinath passed his in 2007. Currently, they both share a job at the Haripad depot.

In the Haripad depot, the couple has been coworkers for the past ten years. Every day at 5:30 AM, they begin working, but to prepare, they must awaken before 2 AM.

Well, speak of a wonderful partnership.