Bengaluru residents are all too familiar with the city’s infamous traffic jams. For non-residents, stand-up comedians have already provided some insight. However, another feature peculiar to the city is that taxi or autorickshaw drivers in the city have a particular way of dealing with it.

Autorickshaw drivers and their conversations vary depending on the cities you visit. And, given Bengaluru‘s reputation as an IT hub, it’s no surprise that they’re familiar with the city’s working culture. While on his way to work, a passenger realised this in an unexpected way and his conversation with the autorickshaw driver has become a viral online sensation.

The autorickshaw driver told the passenger that he needed to get CNG fueled on the way to the workplace after booking a ride. But after getting caught in heavy traffic, he requested that the driver goes to the office right away. And the autorickshaw driver’s remark, however, stunned the passenger. 

The conversation between the passenger and the driver enthralled the internet, and some people even posted their own stories on Twitter.

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