Nestled in an isolated nook on a steep lane away from the main roads of the suburb, this café is popularly known for its breathtakingly beautiful views and scrumptious meals. The popular café, which has served its visitors for over a decade, is now shutting its doors.

That’s correct!

From the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to the spectacular views of the Dhauladhar range, this café was more than just a café.

Taking to their social media page, they broke this heart-breaking news to their followers.

A decade after first opening our doors, the time has come for us to embrace this concept and on 31st October we will be practising non-attachment by closing our doors. But while we will be physically closing, we hope that the ideas and values that define Illiterati—and which have drawn us together from every corner of the world in a shared philosophy and friendship—will continue to enrich us all.

They further clarified that the cafe isn’t closing for good and isn’t being sold. 

Illiterati isn’t closing for good and isn’t being sold nor is it up for sale. Our time at the present location has come to an end and it is as simple as that. Say we are taking a short vacation.

Ever since the announcement was made, people have been sharing their emotions and experiences in the comments.


All we need is one last cup of piping hot coffee and a book amidst the snow-capped mountains!