How a man experiences the world is different from how a woman does. Gender disparity is real and it stares right back into your soul. There is a disparity in pay, divorce, property ownership, and the list can go on.

Keeping this aside, how men and women do the simplest of things also reveals this disparity. For eg- walking back to your car in a dimly lit parking lot. A woman is bound to have her keys placed between her knuckles, as a substitute for a weapon because she is afraid. Another simple thing is a solo trip. There is a vast difference in how men enjoy solo trips and how women enjoy solo trips. Here are nine posters that reveal how the sexes experience solo trips differently from the beginning.

1. Asking for permission from parents to travel solo.
As a woman, you know the chances of your parents refusing and saying “shaadi ke baad karna” is too darn high. So, of course, you hatch a foolproof plan that cannot go wrong.

2. Planning the trip.
It is an unspoken rule that a woman has to inform her entire mohalla that she is going to travel. The more people know about it, the merrier.

3. Choosing a place to stay.
The number of times women have spent extra bucks on their hotel/hostel cannot be counted. After all, we just want to lock our rooms and sleep peacefully at the end of the day.

4. Overnight journey.
God forbid the destination is an overnight journey away. Saying goodbye to my sleep. And no, we are not making this up. Ask any woman and you will know how painstaking an overnight journey is. We have already Plan A to Plan Z ready if things go wrong. 

5. What to wear on the trip.
Women always have to be extra, extra careful with what they wear. And we always end up carrying a scarf, just to add that extra touch of sanskaar (read: cover up) whenever someone stares creepily at us.

6. Talking to locals and other travellers.
You can’t talk too much because you just don’t want to “lead” anyone on or give them any kind of hints that you are interested in them. Sometimes even the “I have a boyfriend” excuse doesn’t seem to work on people.

7. Exploring off-beat areas on the trip. 
So you want to do something completely off-beat and not so popular? Well good luck because your safety is in your hands.

8. Safety.
Desi parents want to talk to you every hour when you are away. But as a woman, you always have to be on call with your parents and give them hourly updates. And for things you cannot tell your parents, your BFF has your back, like always.

9. Enjoying nightlife.
We end up doing this even when we are out with our girlfriends. But we HAVE to do this on solo trips because, well you know.

Men do have their own set of luxuries, tbh.

Creatives: Shanu Ketholia