Mumbai – a city of dreams where one can always count on unknown faces. The city, which is known for its warm-hearted citizens and scenic rain views, has again set a great example of unity by helping out a stranger.

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Before we begin, let us tell you about an application, which played a major role in this story. 

M-Indicator is a mobile application which provides information and real-time updates about public transportation in the city, including any possible delays on a particular route. It also has a chat option, where users can talk with other commuters as well. 


Bryan Miranda, a user of this application, constructed a convincing scenario for requesting a day off from his boss. 

He asked a bunch of unknown people on the application to respond to his query that trains are not working after Goregaon station so that he can take a screengrab of the chat and share it with his boss for a leave.

To our surprise, commuters did exactly what he wanted and agreed that the trains aren’t working. And guess what, his leave got approved.


Here’s what netizens had to say after he posted about it online:

You can check the entire post here:

Mumbaikars, you did a great job!