The magical charm of Marine Drive is not hidden from anyone who visits Mumbai. Everyone who has been to Marine drive has a story to tell or a beautiful memory to share. The sprawling promenade provides the calmness one needs in the fast-paced life of Mumbai.

Like me, Marine Drive has offered a feeling of peace to many. We decided to ask people about their wholesome Marine Drive stories, and the responses give us a glimpse into how the place is an escape for many. 

1. “When I first went to Bombay, I was a little kid and I remember being like, what’s so special about this city? And then at night, I sat on Marine Drive against the cool wind and it was like a switch had just flipped. It was then I understood why they call Mumbai the city of dreams.”

Raashi Dev

2. “Since I am a Bollywood buff, Marine drive held a special place in my heart even before I came to Mumbai. Especially scenes from Wake up Sid (Aisha and Sid) or Neeta(Parineeti) and Nikhil(Siddharth) from Hasee Toh Phasse already created a positive image in my mind. And then, when finally, in 2019, I came to Mumbai, I was hell excited to feel that magic. And yes, Marine drive is therapy. My 1st memory- My brother(also a Bollywood buff) took me there, and I was so overwhelmed, and this is how I spent my first day in Mumbai.”

Navya Sahai Bhatnagar

3. “Meeting my sister after a long day at work with some vodka in a water bottle, so nobody could figure out that we were drinking while admiring the sunset and pouring our hearts out.”

Anshu Awasthi

4. “Marine Drive has some magic, it tugs out all your stress, and the sight of sparkling blue water soothes you. It was my first time in Mumbai. I was applying for colleges. It was around 2 pm when I went to apply to colleges near Marine Drive. After getting done with the whole submission procedure, I was excited to see Marine Drive in reality. Though it was extremely hot and humid, the emotion I felt while sitting at Marine Drive was serene, salty air running through my hair and the sounds of waves coming and going just made my day. It was no less than a movie scene.”

Shreya Khare

5. “It was in December 2018, a winter evening when it rained. It was pouring- my girlfriend then decided we should go to Marine drive on the bike, typical Mumbai couple behaviour. Well, we went and sat there facing the sea in the pouring rain feeling the moment, she looked at me, and leaned in like she was about to kiss me, I leaned in too, and right then my chappal decided to slip off my feet and fall into the cracks of the huge stones. My girlfriend laughed so hard seeing her laugh like that the pain of losing a chappal almost felt like a trophy.”

Ayu Bhagat

6. “To be precise, it was 22nd June 2013. On a dizzy cloudy day, a vexed couple trying to fill the void, their eyes met at their favourite spot at the Marine Drive, and then the magical kiss happened. You can blame Marine Drive for driving the couple crazy.”

Anurag Bajaj

5. “I was living in Bombay for an internship, in the last year of my college. It’s no secret that the city’s rents can burn a hole through your pocket, so I decided to stay in a hostel with five girls as roommates. One of the best things about the hostel was- that it was just a 5-minute walk from Marine Drive. And so, one of my fondest memories of the city are walking to Marine Drive after dinner and taking a late-night stroll with my roommates, drinking chai, and just unwinding and chilling by the seaside with the cool sea breeze hitting our faces.”

Harshita Singh

6. “It was my first time in Mumbai. I went there to attend my friend’s wedding. The traffic was so bad that we reached the venue in 30 minutes for a two-kilometer drive. The weather was very warm. However, my friends planned to visit Marine drive in the evening. So, we did. And, it was the most beautiful sight. With the calm noise of waves, it was a beautiful sight to look at. That single experience made my entire trip a yay.”

Aaliyah Jain

7. “We got off early from college, which was otherwise so hectic. The four hostel roommates coming from all different places to this new city decided to wear white t-shirts and blue jeans, packed our phones properly, and headed to Marine Drive knowing that it would rain. It was slightly drizzling, and we all walked up and around the drive having a gala of a time. It was the water hitting the rocks, and pouring down on us that ended up making four classmates who were strangers have a gala time in a new unknown city.”

Sakshi Sharma


8. “It was a rainy night, and my two best friends at the time were just wandering around the streets of Mumbai. It was during lockdown when people were only allowed to sit at Marine Drive after 4 am. We waited as the clock ticked, eagerly wanting to see the waves crash the huge boulders at the shore. We walked from Girgaun beach towards Marine Drive and sat there when the clock hit 4. We watched people jog and exercise. The chai wallas and vada pav sellers walked past us as we witnessed the golden sunrise. Indeed, a true Mumbaikar experience! Mumbai aake Marine drive nahi dekha toh kya dekha?”

Karishma Pramanik

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9. “We were strangers who met at a club in Mumbai. There was a night curfew in Mumbai, so she insisted that I go with her to Marine drive. We were three beers down, knowing only each other’s names. It was 11.30 pm, and we reached gazing at the stars at night and feeling up the cooling breeze. We didn’t know how our conversation started so smoothly, and we got to know a lot about each other. Time flew by, and we didn’t realise it was 12.15. I helped her catch a cab, and I waved off, hoping to see her next weekend in the same club, but that was so dumb of me I didn’t even take her phone number or her social media Id. I guess I was lost in the moment, the place, and the vibe we got.”

Sharvesh Patil

10. “I have been to Marine Drive many times, but my favourite memory was when I went there for a team game. So my college arranged a class activity where we had to go to Mumbai’s public places and play a little treasure hunt. On the day of the game, it was raining like crazy. I went to Marine Drive with my team, armed with raincoats and umbrellas. After a long day of running around places like Marine Drive and Crawford Market in the rain, we ended our adventure with a tapri chai. Aaah, what a day.”

Nirmiti Kamat

11. “This reminds me of an unforgettable date at marine drive. I sat with her for the first time drinking neat vodka, lol, and then we walked the whole Marine drive together till Chowpatty.”

Aneesh Yadav

12. “Marine drive is the place to be if you are too drunk to go home. One of my fondest memories of the drive is of lost friends talking for numerous hours. Sharing the sorrows, joys, and nostalgia.”   

Karen Dsouza

13. “My best marine drive story is going there to see the sunrise in the rainy season of Mumbai. It is breathtaking. Once, I just sat there doing nothing, and that made me feel I should get up, but I stayed there for as long as I could.”

Kulpreet Kaur

14. “I was at Marine Drive again in the middle of the night and was chilling and killing some time to board the train to Pune from CSMT. I was reluctant to leave, and the friend was pestering me so much. In a fit of irritation, I looked up and asked God “Dear God, please pour some rain right now and drench this girl”. And the moment I finished my sentence, a huge high tide wave came splashing from behind and drenched her completely. She stood still, shocked and helpless, and I was all laughing at her like a clown. Meanwhile, in less than a minute another wave came and drenched me too!”

Nipun Sahai Bhatnagar

15. “A long day at college or a hectic day at work, just heading to marine drive and watching the sea waves crash against the shore makes it all go away. I always go to the marines to relax my mind or whenever I am tense. It’s something about the place that calms you. Just sitting there and observing different people also helps you in finding yourself. So yes, no matter what situation you are in mentally, the sunset, beautiful sky, and serene waves will never fail to make me feel better!” 

Rohan Patil

16. “This is just something very personal, ever since May 2016, it has been a ritual for me to take all the people who mean the world to me to Marine Drive. Sit at that particular spot opposite Nariman Hotel and listen to ‘Iktara‘, looking at the waves, no matter what hour it is of the day.”

Nipun Sahai Bhatnagar

17. “Marine drive has a special moment in my heart. I’ve met friendly strangers from all over the world and made dogs my friends. It’s hard to believe a frantic and chaotic city has such a peaceful stretch of a public place. The cool breeze at night or early morning is otherworldly, and no matter what mental state you are in, chilling here is one of the best things one can do.”

Parteek Gautam


18. “After a long walk on Marine Drives, sitting on the pavement while holding on to your chappals gave a sense of rejuvenation. Only the dusky skies over the surreal waters can reignite your purpose and peace.”

Aakanksha Rele

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