Flying off in a private jet is dream come true for many cos not everyone can afford its travel cost. It can suck up the monthly salary (sometimes more than that) of an average middle-class desi in a second. The cost of chartering a private jet can vary vividly according to the type of plane you choose, the destination that you want to travel, the time you book, and if it is a peak season or not. However, it is a luxurious experience that you can never get in commercial flights. LEISURE is the word.

So, we have curated 8 facilities that a private jet can offer:

1. You can take a nap on the bed

Ultra-luxurious private jets provide the facility of taking a nap on the bed. Hollywood reality TV star Kim Kardarshian‘s private jet is one such example. Kim has a giant bed to rest while travelling in the aircraft.

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2. You can have the entire house/office inside

According to Air Charter Service, BBJ MAX 7 private jet has a customised layout for open meeting spaces, a bathroom having stand-on shower, and lounge area with long couches. It is also equipped with kitchen and bedroom. This luxurious jet is reportedly priced at 7 billion rupees.

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3. You can have spas inside the jet

Many private jets also offer a facility of on-board spas inside the premises. Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal-al Saud’s owned Airbus A380 is equipped with shower spa including Turkish bath, Air Charter Service reported.


4. You can eat whatever you want

Luxurious private jets feature full-service kitchens so that the passengers can customise their meals or even bring their personal chefs to the journey. Reportedly, the authorities can even arrange food from a local eatery. According to US Magazine, American rapper Kanye West snacked on a meal from one of his favourite places, Chick-fil-A, while travelling in his private jet in 2019.

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5. You can celebrate like at your home

Hollywood singer Lady Gaga once toasted the victory of the Washington Nationals as they beat the Houston Astros in the 2019 World Series during her private jet trip to Las Vegas. Gaga had posted a picture of herself on Instagram while holding a celebratory drink in her hands as she watched the game on TV in the aircraft.

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6. You can keep your cup in a gold-plated holder

Love golds? Well, then you can surely dream of this. According to Architectural Digest, American former boxer Floyd Mayweather’s private jet, Gulfstream III is equipped with customised amenities such as gold-plated cup-holders and gold sinks.


7. You can organise a musical performance

Yes, we aren’t kidding. An ultra-luxurious private jet once organised a live musical performance of an opera singer for a celebrity couple, reported. The couple were on a six-hours-long flight in the jet.


8. You can hit the gym

For the ones who like working out, take note. According to South China Morning Post, Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau’s Boeing 747-8 VIP has two floors which is joined by a spiral staircase. The private jet has a gym, bar, guest rooms, and more.

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So, if you want such luxurious experience, start saving guys.