2 days ago when I stepped out for a work commitment, my heart was happy. I returned home with the lightness of knowing that Omicron, the scary variant of Covid, has not reached India. That's brilliant news, right? And you know how I got to know about this? By seeing the crowd outside.

covid 19 crowd
Source: Hindustan Times

The festive season is upon us, and it seemed like the entire city was out on the roads, trying to go to malls, etc. It was touching to see maskless families having fun, chatting away in the open. In some cases, with other families. Anyway, as I think about that day, here are photos and videos which should work as a proof for you too. Omicron has been defeated before it could reach us.

delhi crowd amid omicron scare
Source: Times of India
crowd in Mumbai amid omicron scare
Source: India Today
omicron scare in India
Source: Hindustan Times
Omicron scare in India
Source: Deccan Herald

Since I am endlessly afraid of sarcasm not translating for some people, let me put things in a more straightforward manner. No guys, Omicron is very much out there, and it spreads faster than the previous variants of Covid. Now, we all know what the previous variants of Covid did in April this year and we know that we can't afford to have that repeated.

In view of the same, restrictions have also been placed by the state governments and it's imperative that we follow them.

For the love of God, stay inside, and if you need to step out, mask up.