So, you are travelling on a flight and the captain makes your journey a pleasant one. You’ll love it, won’t you? Now that we are talking about flight experiences, I recently came across a heart-warming travel story on the internet. And it will win your hearts. Definitely won mine.

I’m referring to this video which features a Sikh captain making an announcement during the Bangalore-Chandigarh flight. The clip is going insanely viral on Twitter. What’s new? You ask.

The video posted by a Twitter user @zeenat_daar93, shows IndiGo flight commander and former Indian Navy pilot, Rajdeep Singh, addressing passengers with humour, wit, professionalism, class, and dignity. And of course, there is a pinch of Punjabi tadka. What a charm.


“Like a boss! Bangalore – Chandigarh indigo flight commander Rajdeep Singh ex Indian Navy pilot,” the tweet reads.

Singh can be heard talking about the places that the passengers who are sitting on window seats will able to witness on their sides. He then makes a hilarious statement for the aisle passengers saying:

Jede bande aisle ch baithe hain, wo ek doosre da muhn dekho (sic).

-Rajdeep Singh

Yeah, I won’t spoil the fun anymore. Watch the video here:

Netizens are loving his style:

Ok… he confirms our luggage is safe and they aren’t going to fly away with it !! Guess v can wait till the plane come to a final halt and v are asked to deboard instead of jostling to get down before they fly off again (sic).


This really brought a smile on my face. Thank you so much for sharing this. Rajdeep sir.. Hats off to you ..Truly commendable (sic).


Exemplary qualities of highest standard of leadership. Simply unmatchable. Where does it come from? Ofcourse, from our Military training. Kudos Capt. We remain the ultimate.We are unparalleled when it comes to leadership qualities . BZ Jai Hind (sic). 


What a pleasant man he is. ‘Samaa baandh diya paaji‘!