Something that we can all agree on is that handling luggage is one of the most frustrating parts of travelling

So, either you can carry the lightest load possible or multitask as effectively as this woman who has gone viral on the internet.

In the now-viral video, a woman closes the plane’s overhead compartment with her foot. Figen, a Twitter user, posted a video of the woman standing inside an airplane. The mom can be seen carrying her child in one arm while taking out her bags with her other arm. 

Just when one assumes she is helpless and wonders why the plane crew isn’t helping her, the woman shows that she is self-sufficient. She lifts her leg like a gymnast to close the overhead cabin door. 

Watch the video here:

It quickly became popular on social media, with the video gaining over 236K views and 7,629 likes. Twitter users were astounded by her stunt and expressed their admiration for her strength and multitasking skills. However, the users were divided on whether her actions were risky and unsanitary, or a display of skill.

Here’s what people had to say about the viral video:

So, what are your thoughts on the woman’s little stunt?