We have all experienced distinct gender limits as a result of growing up in a society like ours. Moreover, women are expected to behave in a particular way more than men are according to societal conventions. Every woman has heard the phrase “Ladkiyon ko aisa nahi karna chahiye” repeatedly and in numerous stages.

Taking to Reddit, a 24-year-old man stated that he is regretful of the conservative beliefs he once held towards his partner. He asked as to what instances of such sexist behaviour women have encountered in relationships, realising that there may be other men like him who have imposed their conservative attitude on the women in their life.

Reddit users responded to the thread by listing the traditional views they have seen Indian men hold about women. 

1. “Pushing to change your surname after marriage I am totally against it. It’s a deal breaker for me.” – AvailableAd1365

2. “My husband (now ex) was dead against moving into MY HOME and wanted to rent it even though it was a home I owned. Drove a huge wedge in the marriage.” – AncientEnvironment17

3. “The biggest one is expecting her to stay at your place, with your parents after marriage.” – whatever2511

4. “Women should know how to cook, or at least be better cooks than men. Also, a woman is often expected to be more emotional somehow. It’s good to be emotional and to be able to cook, but it goes for both partners.” – abhi_neat

5. “My first boyfriend had a theory that the bigger the woman’s breasts, the more sex she had.” –


6. “That married women’s affair is worst in comparison to men’s affair.” – Sensitive_Camera2368

7. “Some men expect their wives to leave/quit their job for them when they get a transfer or promotion to another city. Men’s jobs always come first for them.” – tamilgrl

8. “Virginity”- RevolutionaryOil3569

9. “It gets taken for granted that women have to live with their husband’s parents and tolerate all their idiosyncrasies after marriage. But guys are rarely if ever expected to have the same level of devotion or involvement with their parents and family.” – warermelon89

10. “Ladki ke hone se ghar ghar hota hai. I know it’s a compliment in a way, but I have seen guys around me misuse this so very much. Also, it’s a backhanded compliment.” – btsarmypurple

11. “This once happened with my bf. I was discussing on how women have to wear so many things to indicate that she is married and I didn’t want to. He was ok but still, he said maybe you can adjust something when my mom is around.” – short_hot_spicy

12. “Women are goddesses.” – Boogerr_eater

We as a society need to do better.