We live in a society, surrounded by people who keep telling us that getting married is the happy ending. This is especially the case for women. When in fact, it’s rarely true. Now, as unconventional it sounds (thanks to the same people), marriage is a choice and even if you’re married, staying in it, is just as much a choice. Of course, divorce is a hush-hush topic still, but the reality is that it’s far better than staying in an unhappy relationship.

Like any commitment, the end of a marriage might feel heavy, but it’s either temporary or you grow around it. The good part is, you’ll only feel better in the end. So clearly, divorce doesn’t have to be a sad story.

Some women on Reddit shared some happy stories of divorce that are definitely hopeful.

1. “Separated at 30, finalized at 31… living my best possible fucking life. Trust and believe – your 30s are so much better than your 20s, especially without 200 lbs of dead weight tied around your neck.”


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2. “I was divorced at 36 after 15 years of marriage, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time it was awful, I was devastated, I just wanted my husband back. 2 years on, he rarely crosses my mind. I have shaped a life I LOVE and you can too. The first year will be the toughest by far. But after that it’ll be so so so much better.”


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3. “I got divorced at 35 after 11 years together. Best thing to ever happen to me. Suddenly my financial picture was much better. I fell in love again. I started living the life I wanted to. It’s not all been a bed of roses and I was the one who asked for the split, so it’s a little different. But I don’t ever regret that decision. We don’t speak to each other and I don’t think about him ever.”


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4. “I got divorced at 39. I’m now 44, I’ve switched careers a couple of times, met and dated some really wonderful men, fell in love with one of them. I have my own house, I’ve traveled abroad, life is good. There have of course been ups and downs but I’ve never for a second regretted my divorce. I’m so much happier now and can’t imagine still being stuck with my ex.”


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5. “I got divorced at 37. When I was ready, I moved home for a better job and more family support, and I decided not to wait on finding a partner before becoming a mom in case I ran out of time. Expecting my first baby in a few weeks.”


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6. “39, kicked my partner of 12 years out, this past November – only 5 months into a complete career change. I am more content in my home life than I have been in a very long time and so much more satisfied in my new job. I just started training for leadership and am having a great time of it. My love life has been steady and satisfying as well.”


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7.  “I felt totally different when my divorce was final. Relief and pure joy. Loneliness was never a factor. Best way to describe it is in the Shawshank Redemption scene once he crawls out of the sewer. Exactly that.”


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8. “I dance in the shower and am singing all. of. the. time. I’ve gone on a couple of dates here and there but for now I’m doing me and I’m loving every second of being single. Tonight I ate portabella mushrooms for dinner whilst not wearing pants. Fuck it; I’m driving this ship from now on. Hang in there, it gets better!”


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9. “I was happy that I could finally let go of burdens of anxiety and guilt, because it was all over. No use hanging on to any of that right? Feels good. I have to keep redirecting my mind though, it spent years in the shit and it thinks it’s home there.”


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10. “Best thing that happened in my life. We weren’t right together. It hurts, you move on. I used that as the starting point to discover what I truly wanted in life, and (more importantly) what I would never settle for again.”


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We need to stop vilifying women for divorces, because what the hell are they supposed to do? Stay in an unhappy marriage? We are not about that life anymore.