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The global concern of every 20-something adult can be broadly classified into two issues — nothing to wear and no room for all the clothes. *googles cost for a walk-in closet* 

Not our fault, since it isn’t just about having trendy outfits anymore. Fashion is that little spark of inspiration that helps us break free from the mundane everyday grind, and be whoever we want to be. In fact, as Amazon returns with its ‘Har Pal Fashionable’ campaign, this time the brand is bringing to us endearing stories of self-discovery under the tagline, ‘tu khul, tu khil, har pal’. There are 5 people telling us how they came out of their shells and expressed their unique and diverse identities through fashion and beauty, and we’re loving every bit of it. 

1. Manisha Malik, Digital Creator

Manisha spent a major part of her life thus far, struggling to believe that she is beautiful. She let her vitiligo take over her confidence until an incident changed her perspective on beauty. Today, she believes in making bold fashion choices and is embracing her uniqueness. 

2. Ivanka Das, Transsexual Actor

Ivanka has been greeted with mixed reactions from her family and peers all her life. But that did not stop her from opening up and building her own individuality. The one that loves to add a pop of colour and slaying every look like a star.

3. Robbie, Actor & Model 

From roses on rucksacks to tulips on T-shirts, floral prints are one of this season’s biggest menswear trends. And we think Robbie is completely crushing the looks. But he wasn’t allowed to wear ‘feminine’ colours and prints till a while back, which he obviously didn’t pay heed to and went with what looked good on him. 

4. Ritika Dakhna, Fashion Model 

It needs you to be a mountain of confidence to defeat archaic fashion stereotypes and wear whatever you want to. That’s what Ritika did, as she put her love for fashion first and dressed her curves in the way she wanted, instead of hiding them. Here’s to not caring what others have to say, and living your life under your own conditions.

5. Pawan Chopara, Actor 

Age is just a number! It shouldn’t have the power to make you feel old and certainly not dictate what you should wear. Take a cue from Pawan Chopra who listened to his heart and wears outfits that reflect his true self with grace. 

Amazon is a one-stop destination for all our fashion and beauty needs. But with its #HarPalFashionable campaign this year, the brand is also putting across a very important message of inclusivity through the creative device of the Amazon box. When we open the box, we are also opening our mind to infinite possibilities that fashion and beauty offer us. That’s why Amazon is telling us, ‘tu khul, tu khil, har pal’, so that we can open our Amazon boxes and flourish. 

Well, these stories have already got us emotional, so we’re going to hop over to Amazon and start shopping for an updated wardrobe. Care to join us?