It’s April Fools’ but life is already a joke. And, if you’re a woman living in our society, you will be treated like one. If not that, you’ll be fooled everyday with what society has to say or think. 

It’s 2022, and we are still judged for choosing what we want to wear, blamed for abuse, questioned when we have an opinion and what not. But hey, comes with the job – no?

1. Marital Rape is “still” not considered a crime because, husband’s happiness is more important than wife’s safety.

2. From our character to our circumstances, everything is decided by our clothes. AKA – just another day.

Republic World

India Today

3. Justice will always be delayed. And, people can go on making ‘jokes’ about abuse. Because well, who cares about empathy?

4. Women are not people. They are and will always be flowers, diamonds, sweets and other objects. Not humans.

M.L. Sharma, defence lawyer for the Delhi gang-rape case.

5. Did you think as a woman you were more than just a pretty face? Well, the joke’s on you because women are never more than a pretty face – not even when they’re helping run a country.

6. Bollywood says – you cannot be smarter or wittier or more important than the male lead. Since, Bollywood says so, it cannot be wrong.

The Indian Express

7. As women, we are not in charge of running our life, but the bigger joke is, we are in charge of ruining someone else’s.

8. And, how can you be offended by something that sounds sexist. It’s still just a joke, calm down. Laugh about it and help men help you.

9. Victim should always be blamed. Women, how can you still not know that abuse is always the victim’s fault.


10. See, the country is in great hands. After all, aurton ke pass dimaag kaha hota hai? It is a great deal if a man agrees with you.

PM Narendra Modi passed a remark that the Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina had resolved to fight terrorism with zero tolerance “despite being a woman.”

Harr din hi prank hai.