27-year-old Sanchita Rani Roy, a police constable in Assam, carries her seven-month-old child to work every day. Every day this constable reaches the police station at 10.30 am with her baby, completes her work, and goes back home.

This comes after Roy’s maternity leave extension request has not been granted. Left with no other option, Roy is forced to bring her child with her. “I have no one at home to take care of my baby so I am forced to bring her along with me,” said Roy. The constable is deputed in the Silchar PI Court in Cachar district.

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Roy’s husband works for the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) as a jawan. Owing to his work, he is posted out of Assam. She has noted how her colleagues are extremely supportive of her and help her with the baby at work.

The woman police constable has earned plaudits for her dedication. But this brings out the sad reality working mothers with newborn children face in the country.

Speaking to reporters, Roy added that she has applied for further leaves. But until then she “will continue (her) duty this way.”