While I did absolutely nothing productive in my teens, this 17-year-old girl named Milena from Germany creates intricate hairdos that we’ve only seen on the heads of Disney princesses. 

The self-taught hairstylist who goes by the name hairstylist.dream on Instagram, has been creating mind-blowing hairstyles since she was 6-years-old. She started with simple braiding techniques and soon, she combined different braiding techniques to come up with new ideas. 

Of course, back then, she was still trying to master the art but, now she manages to create amazing hairdos that resemble basket weaving styles, and even crocheted and knit patterns.

Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this before. Check it out. 

Milena also puts up video tutorials for those who wish to learn her unique braiding style. 

Dayum, only if I were this talented. All the hairstyles are so beautiful and unique, it’s hard to choose a favourite. 

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