We all like to mix things up every now and then. And most times, it means changing a haircut. These days, we also like things simple and easy and buzz hair cut screams ‘comfort’. So, if you’re planning to get one of those, it’s best to know what you want first. And we’ve got a list of ideas of buzz cut for men and women that will help you choose the perfect hairstyle.

Buzz hair cut
Ape to Gentleman

What Is A Buzz Cut?

This is also known as a wiffle cut, is a type of short hairstyle in which the hair is uniformly trimmed to the same length all over the head. This style gained popularity with the introduction of manual hair clippers and became particularly fashionable in environments where strict grooming standards were enforced. And now, it’s popular fashion.

Buzz Cut Types

1. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade
Curl Centric

If you want a men’s short haircut that stands out without being too extreme, consider trying the buzz cut for men. It’s a stylish option that adds some dimension compared to the very short military-style cut. This haircut gives a neat and clean appearance that will age well as it grows out. But the faded leaves your skin fully visible, so that’s something you should know.

2. Bleached

Bleached Buzz Cut

The bleached buzz hair cut is one of the most fashionable hairstyles that exist – given that bleaching truly makes a bold statement. Celebrities and fashion icons have embraced this look, and it’s a great way to completely transform your appearance and draw focus to your face. The only drawback is that bleaching can harm your hair, so it’s important to take precautions. But this is a great option for a buzz cut without beard.

3. Burr

It involves trimming the hair to an even length all over the head, typically using a clipper size of around 1 or 2. This is a long buzz cut, however, this also means it requires more upkeep, and regular visits to the barber to maintain the desired length. To achieve a well-balanced look, men can consider pairing the burr cut with some light stubble.

Burr Buzz Cut

4. Taper Fade

The taper fade is a gradual reduction of hair length along the sides and back until it blends into the skin. It’s an excellent option for achieving faded hairstyles as it looks natural and pairs wonderfully with a buzz cut, providing a more defined look. This is a great look for women, specifically when you want to mix it up a little bit.

5. Buzz Cut with Hair Design

Taper Fade Buzz Cut
Man Of Many

The buzz haircut with unique designs is the ultimate cool girl look, and perfect for someone who’s looking to experiment. With a variety of patterns and shapes to choose from, you can find the perfect design to complement your haircut. The short length of the buzz cut offers a number of options for getting creative. This hairstyle is particularly new and a great way for self-expression.

Buzz cut with Hair Design

6. Aurora

Aurora Buzz Cut

While the buzz cut is undoubtedly a fantastic hairstyle, if you find yourself craving something more exciting, consider exploring the aurora buzz cut for men. This mesmerizing style blends a stunning array of colours, creating a visually striking look that truly stands out. With its cool and edgy vibe, it sets you apart and the colours are a refreshing change.

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7. Induction

Induction Buzz cut
Man Of Many

The induction cut is the shortest and most even type of buzz cut, famously known for its association with the military, where recruits have their heads completely shaved upon joining. You can opt to pair the induction cut with a smooth, close shave for a sharp and polished appearance. Or, you can create an appealing contrast by pairing it with a well-groomed beard that has been allowed to grow for a few weeks.

8. Crew Cut

Crew cut
Mens Haircuts

The crew cut is a classic and versatile style that strikes the right balance between neatness and length. Featuring slightly longer hair on top compared to the sides and back, it offers a number of styling opportunities. This well-defined and tapered transition from longer to shorter hair creates a refined and sophisticated look, making it a good choice for both casual and formal occasions.

9. Butch Cut

The Butch cut takes simplicity to the next level, with hair uniformly cropped at an even length all over the head. This style epitomizes effortless elegance and practicality, requiring very little maintenance, while providing a clean and tidy appearance.

Butch cut

10. Ivy League

Ivy League Buzz cut
Vintage Everyday

This is also known as the Princeton or Harvard clip, the Ivy League cut is a sophisticated adaptation of the traditional buzz cut for men. It features slightly longer hair on top, styled to the side or swept forward, reminiscent of the classic collegiate look. This trendy and refined hairstyle is both modern and sophisticated, making it a popular choice for people seeking a decent and versatile haircut.

11. High & Tight

High & Tight Buzz cut

Inspired by military hairstyles, the high and tight is a bold and sharp variation of the buzz cut. With the sides and back cut very short or even shaved, this style offers a high-contrast look, emphasizing the slightly longer hair on top. The gradual fade or blend between the top and sides creates an edgy and eye-catching look that shows both confidence and style.

12. Mohawk

Mohawk Buzz cut
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The mohawk buzz cut brings together the edginess of a Mohawk with the simplicity of a buzz cut. The sides are buzzed short or shaved, leaving a strip of longer hair down the center of the head. This bold and alternative hairstyle gives a sense of confidence and individuality, appealing to those who want to make a statement with their haircut.

13. Side-Swept

Side-Swept Buzz cut

This haircut is a perfect blend of classic buzz cut with an asymmetrical twist. The hair is buzzed short on the sides and back, while the longer hair on top is styled to one side, creating a dynamic and contemporary look. This unconventional and funky style is perfect for those who wish to get a fresh and unique haircut.

14. Undercut

Undercut Buzz cut

The undercut buzz cut combines the simplicity of a traditional buzz cut with the daring appeal of an undercut. The sides and back are shaved or trimmed very short, creating a noticeable contrast with the longer hair on top. This stylish and bold haircut embraces contemporary hair trends, while also making a strong and confident statement.

15. Mid Fade

Mid Fade Buzz cut

The distinction between a buzz cut with a low fade and a mid fade lies in the starting point of the fade. In a mid fade, the grading begins about an inch above the ears, resulting in a more defined transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides. This creates a polished look that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall style. Mid fades are versatile and complement all face shapes, making them a popular choice.

16. Buzz Mop Top

Buzz Mop Top

A buzz cut with a mop top is a striking hairstyle that truly makes a statement. This haircut features short and even sides, while leaving longer hair on top, creating a bold contrast. By keeping the hair longer on top, you can play around with different styles using different hair products. And if you need a more office-appropriate appearance, you can opt for a shorter length on top for a subtle and refined look.

17. Caesar Buzz Cut

Caesar Buzz cut
Men’s Flair

The Caesar cut showcases short and straight bangs styled forward, creating a distinctive look that complements the masculine appeal of a buzz cut with shaved sides. It is a timeless and refined hairstyle which is elegant yet straightforward – making it suitable for various occasions. Also, the short bangs add a touch of character, framing the face and enhancing your features.

18. Long Buzz Cut With Sideburns

Long Buzz cut with Sideburns
Haircut Inspiration

The combination of a long buzz cut with extended sideburns cascading down to the jawline creates a noticeable and distinctive effect. One of the best features of this style is its versatility, as it complements most face shapes. Whether you have a round, square, oval, or heart-shaped face, the long buzz cut with extended sideburns can enhance your facial features and offer a fresh and fashionable look.

19. Drake Style Uniform

Drake Style Uniform Buzz Cut
Mens Haircuts

The sides are expertly tapered and mid-faded, creating a seamless transition that enhances the overall look. The mid fade adds dimension and texture to the haircut, contributing to its trendy vibe. One of the standout features of this buzz hair cut is its ability to complement and balance the face. The tapered sides allow the beard to shine in its own right, and the clever balance adds volume and symmetry to the face, resulting in well-groomed look.

20. Number One

Number One Buzz Cut
Man Of Many

The number one buzz cut is incredibly close to the scalp, leaving the hair very short with an almost stubble-like in appearance. It requires minimal maintenance as there are no specific styling requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a no-fuss and effortless haircut. And due to its extremely short length, this is one of the buzz cut hairstyles that provides a sleek and clean appearance.

21. Knuckle

Knuckle Buzz Cut
Men’s Health

The beauty of the Knuckle cut lies in leaving more visual length on top, which can effectively conceal any thinning areas while also giving the appearance of added hair volume. To achieve this cut, dampen your hair, then grasp the top of your hair with your fingers pressed against your scalp, creating a fist-like grip. Finally, proceed to trim everything off at the knuckle point, resulting in a choppy, short cut.

22. Jarhead

Jarhead Buzz Cut
Men’s Hairstyle Tips

The Jarhead buzz cut involves shaving the hair uniformly short all around the head, leaving no more than 1/4 inch of hair length. The result is a neat and almost bare look that requires minimal maintenance. The name Jarhead originates from the Marines’ traditional military buzz cut fade, which often resembles a jar lid when viewed from above.

23. Brush Cut

Brush cut
Mens Haircuts

The brush cut is a longer buzz cut style closely related to the classic crew cut. The main distinction between the two lies in the shape and length of the top. While a crew cut is left squared off, creating a somewhat flat top, the brush cut has a slightly rounder and shorter appearance. This variation adds a touch of softness and versatility, making it a popular choice for those who like a stylish yet easy-to-maintain haircut.

24. Grown Out

Grown Out Buzz Cut

As your buzz cut starts to grow out, you’ll discover a whole new look that requires minimal effort. The gradually increasing length creates a textured and laid-back appearance, making it ideal for individuals seeking a low-maintenance yet fashionable style. On the other hand, you can experiment with various hair products to add volume or control, tailoring the style to your preferences as needed.

25. Pixie

Pixie Buzz Cut
Latest Hairstyles

The Pixie combines the edgy appeal of a buzz cut with the classic and timeless pixie hairstyle. In this hair cut for women, the hair is clipped short all over the head, leaving a uniform length that gives chic and modern flair. The result is a head-turning and confident look that effortlessly combines elegance and comfort. It’s simple and just as cool.

26. Bald Fade

Buzz Cut Bald Fade

This particular haircut has a fascinating heritage, with its origins dating back to its popularity among military personnel in the past. Now it enjoys widespread popularity in street and pop culture. Achieving this style is straightforward, typically involving shaving the back and sides of the hair down to the scalp level, creating a clean and sharp appearance.

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27. Mullet

Mullet Buzz Cut

This bold haircut was once a popular trend in the past and has made a comeback in modern times.The contemporary mullet buzz cut showcases distinct elements, including longer front hair that extends beyond the crown, contrasting with the fuller back hair. The sides are shaved very close to the skin, creating a sharp and edgy appearance.

28. Disconnected

Disconnected Buzz Cut
Man Of Many

The disconnected buzz cut is a bold and modern variation that features a clear disconnection between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides and back. This sharp contrast creates a striking and attention-grabbing look, perfect for those who want a contemporary and stylish buzz cut.

29. Curly

Curly Buzz Cut
Haircut Inspiration

By trimming the hair short all over, this haircut accentuates the natural texture of the curls, giving it an effortless charm. With the hair kept short, styling and managing the curls become hassle-free. It eliminates the need for complicated styling routines and allows you to embrace a more carefree and modern appearance.

30. Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade Buzz Cut
Man Of Many

The shadow fade buzz cut features a gradual fade on the sides and back, with the hair becoming shorter towards the neck. The result is a subtle, smooth transition from longer hair on top to a close shave at the start of the neck. This type of buzz cut adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to the classic look.

What Do I Need For This Hair Cut?

Getting a haircut is more than just deciding from a picture. It comes down to the right equipment, and well, barber. But if you’re considering doing it on your own, that’s fine too, as long as you know what you’re doing. So, here’s everything you’ll need for a buzz cut. First, a reliable hair clipper or trimmer is good, preferably one with different guard attachments to achieve various hair lengths. Additionally, a mirror, whether full-length or handheld, is necessary to see all angles of your head during the process. A hair comb or brush will also come in handy to detangle and smoothen the hair before trimming. With these basic tools at hand, you’re all set.

How To Maintain A Buzz Cut?

Maintaining a buzz cut is remarkably easy and requires minimal effort. Regular trims are essential to keep the cut looking neat and clean. Depending on your hair’s growth rate, scheduling a trim every few weeks or once a month will work. Additionally, maintain a healthy scalp and hair by using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Consider using moisturizing products to keep your scalp hydrated and protect it from flakiness. And while a this cut is low-maintenance, you can still experiment with styling products for different looks.

How To Style A Buzz Cut?

Since we mentioned styling, it’s good that you consider a few looks. And here’s how you can do that. After washing and towel-drying your hair, you can apply a small amount of hair product like hair wax to add texture and definition to your buzz cut. Work the product through your hair with your fingers, focusing on the top for some added texture. However, many people prefer to go without styling products for a more natural and low-maintenance appearance. With a buzz cut, there’s no need for complicated styling techniques or excessive grooming.


1. Are buzz cuts attractive?

Some people find buzz cuts very attractive and appealing due to their clean and minimalistic look, which can highlight facial features and give off a sense of confidence and simplicity.

2. Do girls like the buzz cut?

People have different choices, also when it comes to fashion and appearances. Women, too like the comfort and simplicity of buzz cuts, and it’s a subjective choice.

3. What are the benefits of this Hair cut?

Its low-maintenance nature saves time in the daily ‘getting ready’ routine while keeping the scalp cool and comfortable, particularly in hot weather. Despite its short length, the buzz cut can be versatile.

4. Will I look younger with a This Hair cut?

In some cases, a buzz cut may give that impression, particularly if you have been experiencing thinning or graying hair. The clean and uniform look of a buzz cut can, however, create a fresh look.

5. Does your hair grow thicker after a buzz cut?

Typically, shaving hair does not alter its thickness, color, or growth rate. When you shave facial or body hair, it results in a blunt tip, which may feel coarse as it grows out. However, the hair’s characteristics remain unaffected.

6. Is buzz cut good for long faces?

The short and uniform length of a buzz cut can help balance the proportions of a long face by creating a sense of width and fullness around the sides of the head.

7. Is buzz cut good for an oval face?

The oval face shape is considered to be one of the most versatile and well-balanced face shapes, and it can pull off a wide variety of hairstyles, including the buzz cut.

8. Does buzz cut help dandruff?

This Hair Cut can potentially help with dandruff in some cases, but it may not be a guaranteed solution for everyone. This is because dandruff is often caused by various factors.

In the end, do what makes you feel good.