Our society takes no interest in women’s sexual health and of course, that means that any discussion around it is frowned upon or avoided. One wouldn’t expect that from professionals, who are literally in the field to talk about IT. However, the many ‘horror stories‘ that women share about their experiences visiting a gynecologist show otherwise.

Woman advised to listen to Sadhguru by her Gynecologist

A Twitter user, Shruti Sunderraman, talked about her conversation with the gynecologist she had visited. Shruti mentioned that she’s experiencing post-COVID menstrual disorders and so she shared her history. And the gynecologist responded by suggesting her to listen to Sadhguru. Yes, because that’s how medical science works. It’s so concerning when something so serious is turned into a trivial discussion.

According to the gynecologist, this was a result of stress, which would ‘burn out’ if she listened to Sadhguru, thrice a day. Such instances not only point out things that are wrong with healthcare, but also make it difficult for the rest of the women to trust medical professionals for their sexual and reproductive health. And that doesn’t end well.

Understandably, Twitter is concerned and horrified.


There’s an urgent need to address how most gynaecologists make the process of talking about sexual health a nightmare.