Remember when Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham said ‘if I remember right, parso ke din bhi yahi pehna tha na tumne?’ Yeah, that was not cool.

YouTube screenshot

First of all bishes, I got a washing machine at my place.

Secondly, if I end up putting together a great outfit, you bet your bougie ass that I will repeat that as long as I am not sick of it.

People are allowed to wear an outfit any number of times they wish to. Not to mention, imagine how privileged you have to be to nag someone over this.

And it’s not wear-your-white-tee-in-5-different-styles kind of a repetition. Sometimes I’ll wear my favourite Game Of Thrones tee and not give two fucks about it.

Do you even know how much math it takes to not repeat a single clothing item infront of the same gang? Sis, I am not about that stress.

I would rather spend money on trying newer places and on food, than spend half my salary on not repeating outfits.

Plus, there is this entire deal about how fast fashion is destroying our planet.

So yeah, Poo, I might be repeating my outfits but at least I am not killing the planet. Serial outfit repeaters-1, Poo-0.

All you outfit repeaters out there, feel validated and less self-conscious. And all you people digging out an opportunity to shame us, be cool.