The good thing about having an opinion on your life is that you can change it at any time. You think you want pasta for dinner, but you can ultimately go for pizza. You think you don’t want to get married but you can decide to do it.

Not that eating pizza and getting married are comparable. I drew that comparison because this seems to be the only way to make this logic of choice penetrate some people’s minds.

Who are trolling Malala Yousafzai for getting married after saying that she doesn’t understand why people have to get married, in an interview given to Vogue.

What Malala chooses to do with her life is none of anyone’s business. She can go back and forth on her personal opinions. If she had changed her mind about getting married a day after that interview, even then it wouldn’t have been anyone’s place to lecture her.

As debated out by many, her opinion was about the general idea of marriage and that one should not “have to” do it. That is also fair. 

There are also people (Taslima Nasrin) who have expressed disappointment over her marriage because she went to Oxford and should have tied the knot when was 30 or something. Like…

Can we leave the woman alone, please?