Who gets to decide what women should wear? Obviously not women. Because there are a lot of other people around who have the power and minds to dictate.

Here’s a look at some of the outfits women should not wear because ‘reasons’.

1. Women should not wear jeans and t-shirt during a funeral because how disrespectful it is.

2. Women should not wear strappy tops late in the night because obviously men will want to ask them their ‘rate’.

3. Women should not wear shorts instead of bikinis at beach handball because who cares about their comfort.

4. Women should not wear short skirts while playing tennis because some religious fanatics want to impose their rules.

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5. Women should not wear body-hugging dresses during pregnancy because they look fat or like gubbara.

6. Women should not wear tank tops because they are Indian and from respectable families.

7. Women should not wear yoga pants and sports bra while pregnant because showing off a baby bump is against our culture.

8. Women should not wear blouseless sarees in photoshoots because it’s a disrespect to the traditional attire and makes them a ‘slut’.

9. Women should not wear jeans or pant suits to the Parliament because western clothes are only worn by movie actors.


10. Women should not wear plunge neck dresses because only those who do not have values wear those.

11. Skinny women should not wear bikinis and post pictures on social media because they are so flat that they barely need a bra.

12. Women should not wear short dresses while meeting political leaders because covering up legs is important according to the sanskaari brigade.


13. Women should not wear bikinis on beaches because otherwise men will get to know that they have boobs.

14. Women should not wear shorts at any age because only men can wear them.

15. Women in leadership roles should not wear low-cut jackets because their role is to lead by example and not fashion modelling.

Can we instead ask men to make some space in their tight little minds?