Even though we live in a modern society, every culture has certain behaviours that are considered taboo. We found a Reddit thread where people revealed the things that are taboo but should be considered completely normal.

1. “Fathers helping their daughters with female issues. There should not be this stigma around being a parent that is there for their child and their needs just because the biology doesn’t match, but there is this bullshit where a man is either incapable of handling that kind of situation, or will do something inappropriate if they ever get the chance, like WTF?!”

– grim698

2. “Allowing people to review new information or becoming enlightened by a new perspective, and saying “I’ve changed my mind on these topics”, without burning them at the stake for their former beliefs.”

– Safety_Suddden

3. “Ironically, not having social media.”

– ImmanuelImp

4. “Doing stuff on your own, instead of with friends/partner.”

– ehsteve23

5. “Sex education, proper sex education.”

– Abyssalwolf95

6. “Miscarriages. They’re incredibly common and are so traumatic, yet there’s still such stigma and oddly shameful connotations surrounding them that those who experience one often have to keep their struggles private. It’s a bizarre and outdated attitude.”

– Lilac_Whisky

7. “Men working at a daycare or at the after school. Kids need both role models in their lives. Walking into schools and picking up the kids, everyday it felt like being famous. Getting hugs and yelling my name an all, parents liked it also and questioned more men should doing these jobs.”

– M4dMil0

8. “Women asking men out, and men being able to cry.”

– Leviathan_Lovecraft

9. “Therapy/mental health, especially for men. Seriously. It’s mind-boggling how many people still look at it askance in this day and age.”

– SirKazum

10. “Openly discussing menopause.”

– Donkey_Kahn

11. “Not wanting to have kids, especially if you’re a woman.”

– Kevin-W

12. “Dining solo in general, but particularly at finer restaurants. In some cities, the nicer places won’t even seat a single diner. Ironic considering how desperate these places are for business after being shuttered for a year or more.”

– Washjockey

13. “Men wanting to study arts, crafts, sewing, singing, etc. Things that are considered more ‘female’ in general.”

– 568A

14. “Not drinking People always get shocked when I say I don’t drink, it’s kinda annoying at this point.”

– Groovy_nomicon

15. “A guy dating a girl taller than him, it’s odd how that’s considered odd.”

– Salt_Appointment_401

16. “Breast feeding, body hair, having a period, pooping at work, mental health days, addiction (it would help to be able to talk openly about it to help people), abuse. The list goes on and on and on.”

– WitzEndSendHelp

17. “Nudity. I will never understand why extreme violence is okay but nudity isn’t. Also, virginity among men.”

– RadiantHC

18. “Being a virgin. I see in social media a lot of people calling virgins losers. I believe sex and women are something that should be earned and not pursuit.”

– niko_is_cool

19. “If women can wear pants, I don’t understand why men can’t wear skirts.”

– Subwaypossum

20. “Talking about how much money you all make with your fellow employees.”

– TroublingPath

It’s high time that we, as a society, break free from such societal shackles and taboos!