Well, folks I have something that’ll make your Friyay even better. Would you believe me if told you that you could own a Sabyasachi saree while you’re on your usual H&M trip and probably around the same budget? 

No, you won’t have to spend your life-savings on it (hopefully) and we’re not messing with you either! To celebrate their five year anniversary in India, the Swedish brand H&M has decided to launch a collection of affordable Sabyasachi saree!

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Now unless you’ve been living under an isolated igloo with no internet connection, you’d know that Sabyasachi announced his collaboration with H&M almost a month back and we haven’t been the same since!

While we all thought that this one-time collaboration will be focusing on western silhouettes with Indian prints like paisleys, Sabyasachi has managed to surprise us with this desi twist.  


Not only that, Sabyasachi’s signature saree will be the first instance of any ethnic product being launched by the world’s second-largest clothing brand, globally. CEO Janne Einola further added: 

It is the first time, and most probably, the last time that H&M is selling sarees because of our collaboration with an Indian designer. The idea is to surprise consumers and we will have to see what response we get and how it fits the future. 

Even though the pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, Janne has mentioned that it’ll be “democratised” and will be available at accessible price points. Now I just hope their affordable doesn’t mean my entire life savings!

This is literally how we all are waiting for this exclusive collection to drop!


Dhatri Bhatt, the Communications Head of H&M exclusively told ScoopWhoop that the collection is all set to launch in the H&M stores near you and online on April 16. Well, I don’t know about y’all but that gives me a month to save up all my money.