Being eve-teased is perhaps the most nauseating experience that a woman can endure in her everyday life. And you know what exacerbates it? And you know what exacerbates it? When somebody downplays this ordeal and gas-lights her into believing that she’s over-reacting. 

Delik House

This might be one of those sickening days on the Internet as a Twitter user makes a comment on catcalling and claims that women who complain about being eve-teased are humbly bragging that strangers on the road are finding her sexy. Seriously? Is your brain just for show? 

Girl, she ain’t bragging, she is fearing for her life.  

This tweet serves as a litmus test for the conservative sexual morality prevailing in society. It defends men’s derogative behaviour and trivialises the detrimental effects it has on a woman’s mental health. 

Rage is flaring and this Twitter user is being called out. 

When catcalling has the potential to result in more threatening consequences such as an acid attack, kidnapping, or rape, such pseudo-woke people making empty-headed comments on such a sensitive issue are basically the issue.