As if battling societal stigma and unwarranted opinions wasn’t enough, plus-size girls have to deal with the most haunting nightmare known to womankind – “I have nothing to wear!” But, in their case it’s true. 

In this era of body positivity, plus-size fashion continues to be under-represented as brands fail to expand their size range. If only they spent some of their marketing budget on creating practical solutions. 

Here are five shopping struggles every plus-size woman can relate to:

1. You’re the store’s dirty little secret. 

Finding your size at a store is like finding water in the middle of a desert. In some brands, an XL fits like an XS (you know who you are).  And if the store is gracious enough to have a plus-size section, you’ll be guided to a dark corner sandwiched between the storeroom and the toilet that houses two dusty racks of bland, kitschy prints. 

2. You have very limited options. 

Speaking of poor taste, who told brands that plus-size women only wear floral prints and dark tones? Contrary to public opinion, not all girls want to wear black to look “slimmer.” Much like other sizes, plus-size girls also want to experiment with trends, textures and tones. Whoever said variety is the spice of life, is rolling in their grave. 

3. Shopping with friends is a nightmare.

The list of places you can shop is far smaller compared to everyone else. While everyone’s running around trying clothes on, you’re confined to the accessories section. It’ll never not be embarrassing when your friends walk out with bags of clothes and you a sad-but-not-surprised smile. 

4. Asshole store clerks. 

Judgy store clerks who give you the stink-eye when you ask if they have your size are the worst. So much for body positivity. 

5. Maternity wear is NOT plus-size fashion. Period. 

Some brands dare to pass off maternity clothes as plus-size. That’s just rude and offensive. Do better!

On a positive note, your scanty choice of options means you have an intricately curated wardrobe you boast as your pride and joy.