Being a parent is tough, no doubt, but we don’t talk enough about the struggles of being a child. As the youngest child in the family, I relate with other younger children because well, it’s not easy being us. But then again, we wouldn’t know what being the eldest child entails. And a woman on Twitter talked about just that.

Woman shares struggles of being the eldest daughter

The Twitter user, @gharkakabutar, shared her side of the story – of being the eldest daughter. She mentioned how it comes with the physical and mental exhaustion of keeping it all together. From doing house chores, or making sure someone does it to handling every crisis with a calm mind, there’s a lot. As a daughter, there’s also an internal pressure of being good at everything.

On the other hand, she cannot be honest about her feelings, because that would mean not being able to take care of her family. This comes with an added baggage of being nice to everyone and apologizing even if it’s not her mistake. Clearly, it isn’t easy being the eldest daughter, either.

Twitter gets it.

It sounds so much like being a parent, to literally everyone.